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Copy of proposed Weaverville resolution

Show up and give your your support to the resolution next Monday, the 17th of July at the town administration building!

Hat tip to Don Yelton for providing me with a copy of the proposed resolution.

I have in my grubby little paws a copy of the Weaverville resolution that will be presented to their council. The resolution follows:

Whereas,private property rights provide the foundation for the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness, and,

Whereas, the recent Supreme Court decision ( Kelo v New London ) has made it essientially that the rights be protected primarily at the local and state level, and

Whereas, it is now possible for some local or state government to seize the property of some of its citizens in order to transfer title to other private citizens under the concept of general or public good, broadly defined,

Therefore, be it resolved that the town of Weaverville does hereby declare that the right and proper application of the power of eminent domain is, and the right ought to be, in accordance with "public use" clause of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, narrowly construed to mean public easement or ownership for valid government purposes, or to solve identified public healt problems, and

Further, be it resolved that the Town of Weaverville will not transfer property from one lawful citizen to another merely to meet the desires of the recipient, or of the government, for economic gain, and

Further, be it resolved that this resolution can be rescinded only by referendum of the voters affected by this resolution

Further, be it resolved that we, the Town Council of Weaverville, urge our County Commissioners and representatives work to ensure that the private property rights of the North Carolina citizens are secure from such arbitrary and capricios seizure, and amend the Constitution of the State of North Carolina if necessary.

Whew, lots of typing for a hunt and peck guy like me! Any errors in the above resolution are my transcription errors.

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