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Mumpower: "We Have Spent Our Last Dollar on Sound-bites "

NC 11th District Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower says that, effective immediately, his campaign is out of the 'sound-bite' business. The candidate has indicated he will do no more media advertising between now and Election Day on November 4th.

"Most commercial advertising is devoted to manipulating voters with small slices of truth flavored with fantasy sprinkles," said Mumpower. "It generates revenue, cons the voters, and clutters up the media with boring commercials and distracting ads. We have advertised with almost every media outlet in WNC over the past year and that's enough. People know my name and that I am running for Congress. From here on out we will concentrate on facts and positions and the let voters take things from there."

"I find it interesting that we are criticized for not making money a central theme in this campaign," said Mumpower. "I see that as an asset and on that basis and others we are definitely running the most unique campaign in America today. Although my opponent has received a million and a half dollars from fellow Democrats, we have refused any money from my party because they persist in sidestepping our core principles. I have also turned away all PAC or special interest money and what I call the 'Buy America Plan' because I don't want the special interest attachments that are purchased with those dollars."

Source: Mumpower For Congress

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