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Lefties On A No-Dome Diet (Like That's Gonna Last!)

A lefty at Blue NC (more specifically James Protzman) is encouraging his pack of progressives to go on a No-Dome Diet. Here is a snippet of his indignation :

It's not just that the Dome's coverage is beginning to smell like a wormy box of Cracker Jacks, it's also the fact that right-wing lunatics increasingly dominate the discussion there. The Dome will get its knickers in a knot if someone uses the word a$$, while standing silently in the face of seething hatefulness from several of its regulars. And in the Palin reporting, there was no mention whatsoever of her supporters degenerating into a blood-thirsty lynch mob.

The Dollar signs are my addition to alter the profane and vulgar language (an easy way to identify a hateful lefty) of Mr. Protzman.

If only the intolerant haters at Blue NC would follow Mr. Protzman's advice (including Protzman) and just say "No".

They won't. They won't because there is something about the truth that attracts men to harken to it. That is why so many lefties listen to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative hosts. Now, The Dome is certainly not (in my estimation) a hotbed of conservatism...but to the lefties at Blue NC...certainly closer to the truth of conservatism than we'll ever see issue forth from the "people's think tank".

Besides, where else in North Carolina are you gonna find a steady stream of news about North Carolina news all day, and in such volume?

I'll bet Mr. Protzman will be blogging his latest outrage about The Dome before too long...I'll be sure to remind you (and the former Anglico).

It could be just a simple case of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

**2.15 pm**

Troy LaPlante just sent me this via email:

Get the Lyrics and Download your own copy, and watch your local lefty explode in Palin Derangemant Syndrome as you rock to Sarah Freakin' Palin!!!!.

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