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Cloud of the Month--Contrails

Contrail Over Cullowhee

I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and the occasional newsletter has announced that contrails are the cloud of the month for October 2008, and in honor of that, I will attempt to post at least a photo a day of contrails. I can't do that for other cloud types because one cannot rely on daily appearances of any cloud type other than contrails.

Contrails are different. They are a man-made cloud that are formed from streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by aircraft flying at high altitudes.

A destructive mental virus among humans has been propagated by unstable people, and propagated by profiteers, that these clouds are evidence of a world-wide, transnational plot to poison people and reduce the population of the earth to 10% or so of it's current number for various and sundry reasons. These people are everywhere, even in western North Carolina, as evidenced by local Myspacer Jacqui and her two you tube channels. [Channel One] [Channel Two]

I even made a video about chemtrails, and got some interesting comments and got a real kick out of the ones that accused me of being a paid disinfo agent!

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These photos are a reflection of where I am throughout the day, and a celebration of life west of the Balsam mountain range in western North Carolina.


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