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Civitas Institute: Hagan Opens Up Lead on Dole


Raleigh, N.C. – Democratic State Senator Kay Hagan has taken her first lead in her race against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole according to a new poll released today by the Civitas Institute.

According to the live telephone survey of 600 likely General Election voters, Hagan leads Dole 43-38 among those who initially voiced support for a candidate. When undecided voters are asked which way they lean, Hagan’s lead narrows to 45-42. Libertarian candidate Chris Cole receives three percent of the vote. 10 percent of voters remained undecided.

“This is the first time our poll shows Kay Hagan with a lead,” said Francis De Luca, Executive Director of the Civitas Institute. “The millions spent on negative advertising by the Democratic Senatorial Committee and others attacking Senator Dole is finally paying dividends.”

Hagan’s ability to take the lead is coming from three areas: a decrease in the number of Democrats supporting Dole (-5% from last month), an increase in the Republicans supporting Hagan (+3% from last month), and a slight uptick in unaffiliated voters moving towards Hagan (+1 from last month).

“The intensity and harshness of the advertising is still increasing,” added De Luca. “Hagan and the groups supporting her candidacy have been very successful over the past couple of weeks in damaging Dole. The question now is, is there enough time for the Dole campaign to paint Hagan as an unacceptable alternative.”

Previous Civitas Poll results:

May – Dole 45, Hagan 43

June – Dole 48, Hagan 38, Cole 1

July – Dole 47, Hagan 38, Cole 2

August – Dole 44, Hagan 41, Cole 4

September – Dole 43, Hagan 41, Cole 6

Source: Civitas Institute (click here for full results)


One thing I never hear (or have missed) from the Republican blogs, websites or conservative think tanks is the simple fact that the left have hit Senator Dole very hard on her absence from North Carolina, even during a re-election campaign.

I'm not afraid to ask that question, and I raised it early. It is too bad that Dole (more likely her Campaign Staff) were absolutely tone deaf to the need to have the Senator show the flag.

Senator Elizabeth Dole will be in Franklin Saturday, and I hope to have some photos and video from that event.

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