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Sunset for WNC Citizens Blog

I have decided to end this experiment here (again) due to lack of interest. I started this blog with the idea of getting together conservatives in the western part of the state, teach them to blog and form a community that would report and comment on the political events of western North Carolina, as well as rally the troops when a little shoe leather was required.

I might as well have tried to herd cats.

There is another project I am starting that will focus on North Carolina state government, and will consume much of my free time between now and it's launch with the new General Assembly term after November.

Posting will continue here, but it will no longer be a priority. Most of my state level stuff will go on Thunder Pig and the WNC and NC pages of West Carolina Report.

I would like to thank Tim Peck of Et In Arcadia Ego for participating early on in this venture before losing interest, and also Rob Cross of County NC News. They were the two who stepped up and contributed pieces as members of this group blog. Don Yelton contributed a piece or two early on, and John Armor wrote some interesting commentaries. I would also like to thank the guest commentary author code named WNCCB2. His commentaries were fiery.

My time does not allow for me to continue this blog as the sole author because in order to thrive, a blog must have new content several times a day, and I can no longer commit that level of effort to this blog in addition to my several other websites.

This blog will remain as long as Blogger continues to host it after I quit adding new content in November.

Shoot, I arrived on the scene too late. Farewell WNC Citizens blog, I barely knew ye'. However, Thunderpig lives and that's where the real action is.

I'll still post here until after the election.

This was an experiment to see if I could get the conservatives in western North Carolina to form an online community away from the mailing lists.

I have had to backup a step and start an online social network to give them a flavor of the potential for blogging and the power that blogs could give them.

Use the contact info on the sidebar, and I'll hook you up with a membership, if you are interested.

The good news is that people are joining it that I don't know.

If only you'd been able to follow through on your promise to let it end...

I am a glutton for punishment, ain't I?

Oh, and Shuler ducked me in Franklin today...I was gonna throw softballs.

I am indeed interested in membership. While my own humble, little slice of the blogosphere is brand spanking new, I've had more hits at this point than I could have imagined. Cool stuff.

Speaking of Shuler, what was on the docket as far as questions Thunderpig?

Just to give him a chance to speak about the VA Clinic, about the SAVE Act that he has championed and to inquire if he was planning on devbating Mumpower.

In my opinion, that was what he might have been afraid of...or he was rushed for time.

This is strike one because I did ask Andrew Whalen if I could speak with Shuler regarding these items before the program even began, and he said after the ribbon cutting.

I was not pushy, but I did allow Whalen to see me waiting to speak with Shuler. Next time, I won't be laid back.

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