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John Hood on John Edwards:
"The Phony and His Groupie"

None of North Carolina’s political standouts rose as far as fast. None has fallen so spectacularly. Defeating longtime political power Lauch Faircloth in a famous 1998 race that helped set the pace for other Democratic campaigns, Edwards made magazine covers in 1999 and was actively considered for the vice-presidential nod as early as 2000 (making Barack Obama look like a Johnny-come-lately). His presidential campaign in 2004 beat expectations and earned him a spot on the ticket. The 2008 effort was far less successful, but it was probably destined to be so given the history-making opponents he faced.

Did you watch Edwards’ Friday night appearance on “Nightline”? My guess is that, programmed against the Olympics, it nevertheless drew some pretty big numbers. Viewers saw a glib advocate with a fool for a client. They saw a vain man mouth apologetic words but still attack others for “telling lies,” with feigned passion. They saw a weasel compare his dalliance with a campaign aide two years ago to John McCain’s admitted sins two decades ago – then said he wouldn’t make the comparison. They saw a hypocrite admit to narcissism, narcissistically.

In short, they saw a phony.

Source: Carolina Journal (Read the whole thing).


The man calls it like he sees it. Is it just me, or is their an abnormal amount of corruption involving Democrats in and from North Carolina? This culture of corruption is a cancer on the Democratic Party of North Carolina. You'd think these guys have been imported to us from Ancient Rome!

Death By A Thousand Papercuts has a good article on the recent appearance by Edwards on Nightline. And here is the four webisodes the Edwards Campaign quietly pulled down from it's You Tube Account late last year...apparently unaware that anyone can download anything that is broadcast over the internet:

I think this scandal is not over yet, and there may be some evidence of financial wrong doing...with campaign funds being used to help cover up John Edwards' adulterous affair and possible fathering a bastard child. This may not be the only woman...

My favorite John Edwards quote is what he said about Clinton and the Lewinsky affair in 1999:

"I think this president has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, for the moral dimensions of leadership, for his friends, for his wife, for his precious daughter. It is breathtaking to me the level to which that disrespect has risen."

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