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Heath Shuler Presented With Mumpower's Wounded Eagle Award

NC Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower gives the Wounded Eagle Award to Health Shuler to highlight Shuler's flagrant disregard for representative responsibility, misuse of taxpayer monies, and bad legislation. Mumpower wants people to know that America is in trouble and this week 11th District Representative Heath Shuler has violated the responsibilities of his office.
The Wounded Eagle Award is given to elected officials who act in ways candidate Mumpower believes are harming the future of America. Previous honorees have included Nancy Pelosi for using borrowed dollars to fund an "ill advised" economic recovery package and President Bush, a member of his own party, for his failure to protect US borders and enforce immigration law.
Mumpower has chosen Shuler as the third recipient for an especially "harmful" week of public service, bringing attention to the following insults to those in NC's 11th District and the nation-

1. Deciding the 213-212 vote to recess Congress without taking desperately needed action on energy policy, illegal immigration, and other pressing matters.

2. Wasting citizen tax dollars to finance his campaign for a third time this year through a mass mailing defending his outrageous vote for the pork laden farm bill - only 10% of which is devoted to helping small to medium farmers.

3. Excusing his position against drilling for our country's best oil reserves.

4. Continuing to flaunt his "Blue Dog" credentials and PAYGO promises while consistently supporting earmarks and voting the liberal line 86.4% of the time during the current Congress.

"I have always been a big fan of Democrat William Proxmire who gave out the 'Golden Fleece" award to highlight government waste - I am borrowing from his model," said Mumpower. "Proxmire was an authentic conservative Democrat - not an imposter using a few conservative positions and a pleasant smile to conceal his wasteful liberal voting record. I send my opponent this award with the hope that voters get the message. Shuler is helping insure that his children and my grandchildren will not realize the 'American Dream' that has blessed so many before us. This level of harm deserves political challenge - by an authentic conservative opponent and those whose support he is betraying."

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate
Principles first - always


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