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Ever since You Tube has come on the scene, it has allowed people to share videos of their lives and events that they attend. Watching fireworks videos for the week or so after New Years and Independence Day is a weakness of mine.

Here is what is available so far:

I took this one Friday night in downtown Sylva. The Main Street was blocked off around 5 or 6pm (I wasn't paying attention) and people parked their chairs in the street for the show. I parked my tripod a couple hundred feet past the Sylva Herald to try my luck. I took the photos and video with the same camera, and since I sell photos as part of my income now, I gave that priority over video. Maybe next year, I'll have a real video camera to record the whole show.

This one is of the Weaverville Finale.

This one is of a portion of the Asheville Fireworks Show.

I'll post more as people upload them.

**update #1** 9.54 AM

Asheville Tourists July 5th Fireworks show. second half

I found this one on MySpace. It is the fireworks show at the Asheville Tourists game on July 5th.

**update** #2 1.14 PM

A good short video playlist of three videos of the Asheville Fireworks.

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