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Six NC-11 Counties Affirm Support of GOP Principles

The recent Mumpower Campaign Suspension has been totally misinterpreted by all except the party faithful. To whit, in a recent Press Release, Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower has announced that Transylvania County has signed on to party principles, and to hold elected Republicans accountable.

This brings the total counties supporting Mumpower's "Principles First Campaign."

They are: Buncombe, Henderson, Swain, Clay, Rutherford and Transylvania Counties.

I have enjoyed reading people's misunderstanding of what the purpose of this is, especially at the local nutroots group blog Scrutiny Hooligans and the national nutroots hangout Daily KKKos. They have no idea what is headed their way come November, and I hope it stays that way.

There will be exciting new opportunities available for conservatives in western North Carolina and beyond to network together over the next few months, so stay tuned for an important announcement next week in that regard from me.

I feel a new synergy amongst conservatives about the Army of Mumpower.

**update** 12.12 PM Add McDowell County to the list. One to go!


Mumpower Challenges District Party Leaders To Stand On Principles,
Puts Campaign On Hold

Congressional Candidate Dr. Carl Mumpower:
Taking A Stand On Principle



Scrutiny Hooligans is a place for half truths at best for the most part.

I would not even address them in any fourm due to history.


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