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Modify Appropriations Act of 2007:
How The West Voted

I am going to try to give a run-down of how the western delegation votes in Raleigh. If you think I should be tracking England, Frye, and/or Gillespie, let me know.

Here is how the votes stacked up last week in the General Assembly voting on the Modify Appropriations Act of 2007 [PDF Download]:

In the North Carolina Senate

Ayes...Martin Nesbitt (D-49), Joe Sam Queen (D-47), and John Snow (D-50)


Fair Vote Tom Apodaca (R-48) (Noe) and David Hoyle (Aye)

In the House of Representatives:

Ayes...Susan Fisher (D-114), Bruce Goforth (D-115), Phillip Haire (D-119), Ray Rapp D-118), Charles Thomas (R-116), Roger West (R-120)

Noes...Carolyn Justus (R-117), Trudi Walend (R-113)

I had no idea it was so hard to round up this information on exactly what they voted on in one place. Of course, it would have been easier if I paid attention to the calenders issued by both Houses...

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