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Does Beverly Purdue Hate Western North Carolina?

COUNTY NC NEWS -- The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters has been forced to cancel their gubernatorial debate, which they were planning to sponsor in Asheville on July 20, 2008. The cause? Lieutenant Governor Beverly Perdue still refuses to participate. Like a highway construction sign blinking "Expect Delays," Perdue has already declined forums at WNCN-TV, the Triad Today show, and two statewide debates on UNC-TV, all without explanation.

Responding to the cancellation, the Elect Pat McCrory for Governor Campaign Manager, Richard Hudson said:

"Apparently, Lt. Gov. Perdue thinks she is above being responsive and accountable to the very people she hopes to represent as governor. The culture of arrogance and inaccessibility that permeates from Raleigh politicians like Perdue is unacceptable. North Carolina deserves a governor who will be accessible to the people and openly discuss his or her positions on the issues that affect our state."

"Pat McCrory has been calling for debates across North Carolina for months and is disappointed that Sunday's event has been cancelled. He once again renews his call for the lieutenant governor to move beyond formal, structured speeches and allow the voters to hear a real discussion on the issues."

Source: NC County News (Read the whole thing over there)

Won't debate?!? The Perdue campaign has scheduled five debates... three of them are televised statewide!

That's nonsense, she has refused to appear in the western part of the state, cancelling a debate in Asheville...and to my knowledge, none of the debates will televised to the general public in this part of the state.

PBS does't count because not everyone can pick it up over the air, and not everyone lives in an urban area and has cable, or has a satellite dish.

She is afraid of Pat McCrory, and has yet to appear at a well publicised venue west of Waynesville.

Oddly enough...if she were to appear in Asheville or west of Asheville, that debate would be available to more people than any of the others because of our web presence in the west.

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