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COPS Style Ride Along at the Franklin Folk Festival

I shot this video with the idea of making a COPS-style video, and everyone involved were very cooperative, (even the ones who didn't know it played their parts well) and we had great fun doing it Saturday at the Franklin Folk Festival, an event of the Macon County Folk Heritage Association.
The people were being locked up to raise money for the Macon County Historical Society.
It was fun shooting the video, and the people being locked were good sports, and were having fun with it as well, which made for some good video.

All I have left now is to put together a video of odds and ends and of the Battle of Frogtown, and post some photos. There was so more going on that I just did not have time to capture it all, there was music being played in several locations, several local authors were present, demonstrations of local heritage and craft displays.

There was a front porch behind the Burrell Building where Betty Cabe, Danita Stoudemire, and Ralph Preston were recording the memories of people of what it was like growing up in the early 20th century. I was so engrossed by that, I didn't pay attention to my footage, and none of it came out good enough to use, although I used a portion of the audio as background of a slide show for the location.


5th Annual Franklin Folk Festival Part 2

5th Annual Franklin Folk Festival Part One

Franklin Folk Festival Preview Slide Show


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