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Rep. Bruce Goforth ALLOWS Property Transfer Tax To TRIPLE!

Press Release from Committee to Elect Paul Purdue:

Background: The state now it seems wants a .6% commission on every home sale in this state. This will devastate the average homeowner, the retiring homeowner, families forced to relocate, and many others.

When asked about this attempt to override the voter's desires Candidate for NC State House Paul Purdue commented, "This should come as no surprise to those of us following the daily antics of our elected representatives. Usually a person would get the message when the voter's reject a transfer tax in so many counties, yet, here we are again facing another vote on an even HIGHER tax. 75% to 92% opposition across the board is very clear. The public rejects this tax. It must go. I just don't know WHAT they are thinking in Raleigh but it is obviously time for a change."

Representative Bruce Goforth (D-Buncombe) joined forces with Speaker Hackney (D-Orange) last Thursday to force rejection of a proposal to eliminate the property transfer tax. He has completely ignored the voting results in 20 counties in the past year! All the counties already rejected a .4% tax by an overwhelming margin in November 2007 and again this past spring 2008. In fact, most counties rejected the property transfer tax with votes against of over 75%, and some as high as 92% opposed.

During the roll call vote to suspend the rules so repeal of the land transfer tax could move forward, only five Democrats in the entire State House voted with the Republicans to eliminate the tax from the budget through consideration of the Stam amendment.

This clearly demonstrates that Rep. Goforth intends to raise taxes continuously, even when faced with clear and solid voter opposition.

It is time for Goforth to go home. Elect Paul Purdue. He'll LISTEN to you!

- The Committee To Elect Paul Purdue - NC State House District 115.


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