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Mumpower Challenged by Party in Henderson County


For many the Hendersonville Republican Men's Club is the epicenter of Republican politics in the 11th District. True to tradition, the club has invited Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower for a Wednesday meeting that has the makings of a show down between a strong-minded group of party leaders and a "maverick" politician with a mind of his own.

"Yes, I am in a struggle of wills with my party's power structure," said Mumpower. "My readiness to violate Reagan's 11th commandment about not saying anything bad about fellow Republicans has upset former supporters." "I have been clear that if our party will not hold itself and our elected officials accountable to our guiding principles, then I will. It is nonsense to waste time throwing criticism at the Democrat's lawn while ignoring the weeds in our own. We mock Reagan and our founding fathers by trying to fight today's challenges with our own version of political correctness. I have faith that good hearts will win in the end, and 11th District Republicans will bond around our core values."

Nationally, many political observers indicate the Republican Party is in trouble. The May election saw the party lose key seats in historically conservative districts - pointing to 2008 as a potentially difficult year for Republicans.

"I am a Republican through and through and believe my party's principles represent the best hope for America and my grandchildren," said Mumpower. "If necessary, I am willing to anger every fellow Republican in the 11th District to reunite my party with our principles."

"It comes down to keeping government in check, protecting our people and heritage, and looking out for the average person's values and dollars," stressed Mumpower. "This was the promise we made to the American people years ago and we betrayed that mission." "We have earned the resulting mistrust, and if necessary I will fight with the devil himself to steer my party back to our mission. When that job is done I will concentrate on my next fight as the GOP nominee - with Heath Shuler."

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity - always.


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Carl Mumpower is scheduled to be speaking before the Henderson County GOP as I post this...I hope that someone is there recording it for posterity. I can't be there because I run a carpool that arrives at WCU at 7.30 am.

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