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Legacy Media Attempts to Reign In Bloggers

And so it begins...

North Carolina's newspapers have pretty good legal protection.

Thanks to the efforts of the N.C. Press Association, our inestimable attorneys and the willingness of a few big papers and TV stations to bankroll legal fights, our state has few bad precedents in state courts for the kinds of judgements that make journalism difficult.

Blogging could change all that. As the saying goes, everyone's a journalist now, but not everyone has the same financial and institutional backing as a daily newspaper reporter.

That could hurt bloggers who get sued, but it could also hurt everyone else who wants to be a journalist (including Dome). A single poorly fought lawsuit can result in a judgement that is wielded against everyone else and eventually becomes precedent.

What should bloggers do about this? Dome recommends they get familiar with this information, which provides some instruction on the state's case law. But more could be done.
This crap comes from Under The Dome under the guise of worrying about us poor little bloggers, and with the intent of reigning us in because "we won't play by their rules". I seem to remember that these are the same people who willfully ignored the scandals of Jim Black and other notables in Raleigh, have refused to report on unlawful activity of other lawmakers, including the Governor.

No thanks. If I screw up, I will be sued. Heck, I'll probably end up getting sued even if I don't screw up.

As I commented on Red Clay Citizen, you'd be better off in the end suing a Cave Troll than suing me.

I will under no circumstance join in a collective that includes whiny progressive-marxists, and giving them an ounce of say on what I can post to any of my blogs. That includes the majority of journalists in this state who are borderline marxists.

Next thing you know, these idiots will be trying to stop women from gossiping over the backyard fence because they are worried about potential competition.

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