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Henderson County Mens Club meeting with Carl Mumpower June 2008

Richard Bernier, or URTV's Sound Off Buncombe, was at the breakfast meeting of the Republicans Men Club of Henderson County yesterday morning.

Radio Hype of Meeting

Mumpower Campaign website


As you know Matt Matan on WWNC radio tried to spew misleading inforation on this meeting on the radio last week.

Its sad to see this happen, glad though we have it on video to prevent misleading remarks him along with the hooligans in Asheville.

I don't know why you guys keep listening to his show. I quit listening when he screwed Charles Taylor in 2006.

TP turned me on to XM Radio and I listen to Sean Hannity from 3 to 6 evedryday on XM166.

If enough of you just quit listening, the problem would ytake care of itself.

JR in Franklin


I know. I am still waiting for him to upload the audio for May 8th and 9th of this year, where he attacked me on air. It would make great promos for my upcoming web TV show.


I consider what little time I listen to his show to be "monitoring enemy communications" category. :P

I dont listen much however I feel when Matt goes to far off then its a good time to real him in the real word.

Not sure how much longer he will be on the air here in Asheville.


I consider Matt to be one of the
best investigative commentators
we have in Western N.C.
He will take on any person, politician or government agency and
report it fairly...........not the
way the " good old boy network "
wants. Keep up the good work, Matt.
I especially like your series on DSS, the most corrupt agency in state government !

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