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May 10, 2008

COUNTY NC NEWS -- In our never-ending effort to unite citizens of North Carolina, County NC News has partnered with West North Carolina (WNC) Citizens Blog to promote comment and discussion on news articles released in our magazine.

WNC Citizens Blog provides news, information and commentary on political events and encourages citizen activism in Western North Carolina. The Blog reports from a conservative perspective on the issues of the day, but also allows respectful debate.

From this point on, when this icon appears in a County NC News magazine article, it will signify the article is open for comment.

WNC Citizens Blog WNC Citizens blog

Additionally, blogging is a useful method for promoting civic interaction. We believe that this web partnership between WNC Citizens Blog and County NC News will benefit the state in numerous ways, two of most concerns follow.

First, citizens from across North Carolina will be able to share their thoughts on current news issues unifying our state in one common voice. Regardless whether you are liberal or conservative, your respectful comments and thoughts on issues affecting our state are welcome, obviously, making for good communicative interaction.

Next, living in an age of global technology, countries are now competitively pitted against one another for web presence, which has become an integral part of their prosperity as well as standard of living. Being that North Carolina is part of the United States, it is of utmost importance that North Carolinians contribute to this constant struggle for web presence to ensure that North Carolinians' prosperity is preserved for future generations. Therefore, County NC News and WNC Citizens Blog encourages you to support this partnership by sharing your comments on reported activities taking place in North Carolina.

Finally, we are grassroots news organization, for and by the people. We wish the best for our state and country. We believe in the self-evident truths postulated in the U.S. Constitution and enumerated by the U.S. Bill of Rights. We live by the rule of the North Carolina Constitution, which unifies us as one people and one state. This is our heritage and legacy, therefore, let's make the best of it, happy blogging!

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Rob Cross

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Source: County NC News


I have worked with Rob for over a year on an informal basis, and we have decided it is time to work together for all the reasons stated above, and expand both our web coverage of news and events in North Carolina for both our web sites. We have experimented with simultaneous coverage of events and news over the past few months, and will continue in that direction.

He can bring us on the ground coverage of events in the Northeastern part of the state, and we can give him the same from the Western part.

Stay tuned for more developments as we continue to build the network.

If it's truly nonpartisan, then I'll look forward to seeing County NC contact the tsunami of bloggers at BlogAsheville for content.

There is nothing preventing them from contacting County NC News.

Reading comprehension ain't your strong suit. Try re-reading the press release, again. Slowly.

Hello Gordon,

To answer your question, or heckle, depending on how one views it, County NC News has a worldwide direct link exchange, which is open to all webmasters. We do not play favorites. County NC News is conservative based, but also reports what could be considered “North Carolina liberal news.” Personally, I’m registered as an “unaffiliated” voter because I believe in a multiparty system. Furthermore, I believe there are problems in both Republican and Democratic parties. Likewise, I have also found good in both parties.

Now, to focus on the purpose of this partnership, I cannot answer every reader’s email and still accomplish my work. Therefore, I have formed this web partnership with Thunderpig, who I have come to know and trust. On a personal level we share similar ideology, so it makes perfect sense to me and my company to join forces to accomplish the mission stated above.

Concluding, Gordon, I suggest visiting, searching, and reading the news that has been posted on County NC News.

Best regards,

Hell -

I dont feel much of anything is not partisan when it comes down to it.

The manner in which one writes can assure no story is not with some partisan within the content.

Now, this is a great way to connect the East & the West - we need this more than most people know. (look at the gov.primary map of how they voted)

Best of luck,

Richard Bernier
Conserative due to the take over of the "D" party.

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