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Tax Credits for Children with Special Needs

This is a wonderful bill that helps parents of children with special needs take control and participate in their child's education

WAKE COUNTY NC NEWS -- House Bill 388 "Tax Credits for Children with Special Needs," allows an individual income tax credit for part of the expense of each eligible child with special needs who is educated in a nonpublic school or in a public school where tuition is charged for the student's enrollment. The education expenses' credit is equal to the amount paid for tuition and other educational and therapeutic expenses, not to exceed $3,000 per semester. House Bill 388 is expected to have its second reading in the North Carolina House of Representatives this general assembly 2008 session. This is a wonderful bill that helps parents of children with special needs take control and participate in their child's education, by allowing them to choose the most appropriate school for their child's education. Furthermore, House Bill 388 has bipartisan support, and is sponsored by NC House Representatives:

  • Representative Rick Glazier (Dem) of Cumberland County

  • Representative Marvin W. Lucas (Dem) of Cumberland County

  • Representative Paul Stam (Rep), of Wake County

  • Representative Laura I. Wiley (Rep), of Guilford County

Therefore, this bill needs your support, and it is recommended that you urge your House Representative to back House Bill 388. North Carolina Republican House Leader, Paul "Skip" Stam wrote the following presentation for House Bill 388:

Tax Credits for Children with Special Needs (HB 388)

Parents of special needs children are examining their educational options and are finding out that they have very few। All families, like the Petruk family in Charlotte, want their child to receive an appropriate and meaningful education। What the public classroom is able to offer may be less than the "best opportunity" for success. Their son's placement in a classroom with 23 other special needs children leaves little time for the one on one instructional and physical environment needs that are necessary for his specialized learning requirements. This problem is in no way unique to the Petruk family. It is a sobering fact for many of our families that have children with exceptional learning needs. It is even more disheartening for these families to know there are non-public educational opportunities and services that are structured specifically for their child's particular disability but they are unable to enroll their child because of financial limitations. The price is simply too high...Read entire House Bill 388

North Carolina Republican House Leader, Paul "Skip" Stam is an emotional stirring writer as well as an accomplished speaker. On May 13, 2008, At the opening of this year's General Assembly 2008 regular session, Representative Stam gave an introductory speech to the NC House of Representatives introducing Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger and GOP nominee for Governor, Mayor Pat McCrory, to the floor, this amazing speech which was only skimmed over by main stream media. Go House Bill 388! Finally, we would like your opinion about this Bill. Please take time to analyze and discuss this bill on this Blog.

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