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The Soviet-Style Master Plan for Asheville, NC

Robin Cape Wants You To Learn About the History of Downtown Asheville !

And she also wants you to join in the Soviet-Style "Master Plan for Downtown" in Asheville...where budding Apparachik can exercise their skills in applying "progressive philosophy" to making everyone reliant on the government. And to give homeless people parks to crap in, too.

Asheville---Anyway You Like It, As Long As We Planned It.

From her newsletter
Hear from local experts on the history of downtown. You'll hear why downtown developed the way it did, fell into disrepair and was ultimately revitalized. We'll also talk about segregation and urban redevelopment projects and the effects on downtown and local residents.

Thursday, May 15
7:00 pm
Asheville Public Works Building
161 S. Charlotte St.

Leslie Anderson - former Director of the Downtown Development office and expert on downtown revitalization

Jim Samsel - local architect and member of the Pack Square Conservancy

Harry Weiss - Public Interest Projects and former director of the Preservation Society

We hope to have an additional speaker to talk about the East End and downtown.

This evening promises to be full of interesting stories. Even if you know the general history of downtown, you will learn something new!

Source: Robin Cape Newsletter

The Master Plan for Asheville

The announcement and agenda:

Community Educational Session:
Current Issues in Downtown Development
Friday, May 30
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Asheville Community Theater
35 E. Walnut Street

This session will be an important opportunity to explore specific urban issues such as height & design, affordability and local business retention.

To put this effort into perspective, say that long ago, in a budding city far away...there was such a monstrously evil "Master Plan" for Manhattan. With the desire to impose height restrictions, design restrictions. Imposing a "mandate" to provide affordable housing, and here is the kicker...the very same people express a desire for local business retention when their plans drive away commerce!
Manhattan would not be as we know it today. There would be no skyscrapers in Manhattan. There would, in all likelihood, be skyscrapers around Manhattan, outside the reach of the Killers of the Free Market. And the same thing will happen to Asheville. It will drive out commerce of the sort that generates real wealth, inspire building of unique buildings in places other than Asheville (hopefully in the newly forming incorporating cities around Asheville).

This desire for "central planning" is straight out of the failed "command economies of the Socialist Soviet Union. It has been demonstrated to not work every time. The socialists on the Asheville City Council need to realize that the Free Market is far superior than their "Managed Utopia in Asheville, NC".

The normal people of Asheville, if there are any left, should get together and sabotage this Master Plan, and scuttle it to the dustbin of history. That is, if you want Asheville to be something other than the laughingstock of the region.


Asheville will be much better once neo-cons like you no longer live in our fair city.
No one listens to you anyway, pig.

They'll drive out the entrepreneurs and then turn around and say, 'well, we didn't need them anyway!'

But they'll always have the good ol' boy Democrats and the pointy headed university liberals to pat them on the back.


I don't live in Asheville, thank God.

I am the lone voice in the wilderness, that is true.


I hope that Asheville becomes a real-life example of an Atlas Shrugged situation. All the decent, hard-working people and people who have the minds to produce wealth need to just leave, especially if no one will stand on their hind legs and fight.

Complete Nonsense.

I'm sure the Soviets held town-hall meetings and took into account the needs of all the stakeholders.

It's just nonsense from you, TP.

You plan your future. You plan your finances. You plan how to improve your home.

But when a City chooses to plan, they're suddenly Communists?


Restricting the height of buildings IS COMMUNISM, Gordon. So is telling people what color their house can be IS COMMUNISM.

Face it, Asheville is eat up with Socialists.

There may be such a thing (theoretically) as practical height regulations, but unless they're building a skyscraper 50 yards from an airport runway, I doubt that's what they're crafting. More likely they want to regulate everyone else's property so that it will be aesthetically pleasing to them, personally.


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