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Mumpower Congratulates Colleagues on Straw Poll 3-Way Tie

For Immediate Release
April 24, 2008

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Carl Mumpower, Republican candidate for the 11th District Congressional nomination, congratulated his colleagues Spence Campbell and John Armor today for their strong showing in yesterday's Henderson County straw poll. The results were a dead-heat, with Campbell receiving 24 votes, Mumpower receiving 23, and John Armor receiving 20. It was Mr. Armor's strongest showing yet, coming on the heels of his recent win of straw poll taken among Macon County Republicans late last month.

"John was perfectly charming yesterday," said Mumpower. "He made us all laugh more than once with his characterizations of Congress and Heath Shuler. It was a good morning for all of us, I think, and reinforces my feeling that this will sure be a lot more fun when we're all playing on the same team."

The poll was taken at the monthly meeting of the Henderson County Republican Men's Club, after a spirited debate on the issues that avoided the often testy exchanges that have characterized the primary campaigns so far. It was also the tenth such debate across the 11th District, an unprecedented and highly-praised flurry of GOP pre-primary activity designed to give wide access to voters for the chance of learning more about the three men vying for the chance to defeat Democrat incumbent Heath Shuler in November.

"What I think that this latest straw poll shows is that nothing can be taken for granted," said Mumpower. "I'd remind everyone that the primary is less than two weeks away --- on May 6 --- and I'd encourage every Republican in the 11th District to get behind the candidate they believe in and to go vote. We need to choose the toughest candidate among us if we are going to have any chance of defeating Heath Shuler in the fall."

Mumpower will appear tonight on the "Newsmakers" interview segment of UNC-TV's widely acclaimed public policy interview show "North Carolina Now." That interview, conducted yesterday afternoon in Raleigh after the Henderson County debate, airs at 7:30 locally on Channel 8.

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