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I know many of you received Walter Jones’ “push poll” this weekend. (At least he paid for it with his campaign, not your tax money the way he did those “constituent surveys” earlier in the year) I have no problem with the use of these types of polls, but I would like to give you the information you need to set the record straight when talking about the call to your Republican friends. Here are the facts in reference to the statements made in the poll and in his radio ads.

Claim: Taxes in Onslow County went up over 60% during my time on the Board of Commissioners.

Fact: The property tax rate went down in Onslow County while I was on the Board. I have no idea where the Jones folks came up with the 60% figure, except maybe property tax revenue. That means the amount of taxes collected. Over my 8 years on the Board, property values skyrocketed in Onslow as they did across the nation. Factor in new construction being added to the tax rolls and I would guess that is where they came up with the 60% number.

Jones Fact: Walter Jones twice voted to raise your taxes last year, breaking his American’s for Tax Reform pledge never to vote for a tax increase. That’s why Grover Norquist, President of American’s for Tax Reform has endorsed me and called Walter a “serial tax increaser”. Walter tries to say they weren’t “real tax increases”, but he was notified by ATR prior to voting for both bills that they contained tax increases and were violations of his pledge. He voted with the liberals in favor of them anyway.

I have signed the no tax increase pledge and I will stick to it.

Claim: The Jacksonville Daily News referred to me as “ethically challenged”.

Fact: That term was extracted from the Editorial Page of the Jacksonville Daily News, not an article. When you take strong stands, you will end up on the Editorial Page. You can expect to see me there for years to come.

Jones Fact: Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Ethical questions surround this new version of Walter Jones. Just look at his campaign report.

Walter Jones has taken money from radical anti-war activists, lobbyists, labor unions, shady payday lending companies, Indian tribes who run gambling casinos and even a former Democrat N.C. Secretary of State who is currently out campaigning with Bill Clinton in support of Hillary. And what about his spending?

Jones uses his campaign money to pay his almost $900 a month car payment. He also uses campaign money to pay his tab at the members only Capital Hill Club. He has even used campaign money at liquor stores. I ‘m sure Walter’s donors thought they were giving donations for yard signs and TV ads, not outrageous car payments and booze.

Claim: I had the worst attendance record of any member of the Onslow Board of Commissioners from 2006 to 2008.

Fact: Interesting how they used my 8 year term as a commissioner to factor in tax revenues, but only 2 years to factor in attendance. Yes, for those two years I did have more absences than any other member of the Board. I realized campaigning for Congress had to be my #1 priority and that is why I left my position on the Board of Commissioners.

Jones Fact: Walter Jones is the one who is “missing in action”. He refuses to attend Republican functions within the District and recently informed the Republican Party leadership that he would not be attending this year’s Third District Convention. This event is planned a year in advance and it is ridiculous to think that he has a schedule conflict. Walter Jones does not want to face Republicans because he no longer acts like a Republican.

Walter Jones is a desperate man. He is pulling out all the stops to maintain the family business: politics. My campaign is about returning a conservative to Washington who will represent your core values. With early voting beginning on Thursday, please help spread the word that there is a conservative choice for Congress and the choice is Joe McLaughlin.

See you on the campaign trail!


Quote of the Week: Joe McLaughlin understands what it really means to support our troops. Supporting our troops does not just mean supporting them on the homefront. We must support their mission when they are at war.

Retired Major General Joe Rigby


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