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Don Yelton Speaks at The Action Club

Don Yelton, of Citizens Speak, and a candidate for Buncombe County Commissioner spoke at the April meeting of The Action Club. Richard Bernier, co-host of Sound Off Buncombe (on URTV), was there to capture the event:

Here is an audio clip of what Don refers to:

It took place in the second hour of Take A Stand on April 11th.

Personally, it very gratifying to hear the professor say what I have tried to tell Matt for years on the radio, and that his dearly held positions are wrong, and play into the hands of forces that will destroy this great Republic if it continues. That is why I have taken to calling his brand of libertarianism Progressitarian, because they have become useful idiots for the Progressives.

Here are links to that entire show:

Hour One

Hour Two

Hour Three

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