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Congressional Candidates Debate in Flat Rock

FLAT ROCK — The $600 million “Road to Nowhere” could be back if the Republicans running for the 11th congressional district have their way.

At a debate at Flat Rock today, Highlands attorney John Armor, retired Army Col. Spence Campbell of Hendersonville and Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower described the 34-mile road through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a broken promise. Campbell and Mumpower said it should be built.

Source: Hendersonville News-Times

At least the candidates understand the importance of the North Shore Road.

This comment deals with only one of about a dozen subjects addressed. It says nothing about the position that I, John Armor, took on this issue.

I said I "agreed with Thomas Jefferson that decisions should be made at the level closest to the people concerned." That meant I would accept whichever decision the people of Swain County decided, through their elected officials.

Swain County itself has changed in recent years from demanding that the road be built, to demanding just compensation for the fact that the federal government failed to build the road as it had promised in 1942.

Do you see the M.O. of my event coverage? With the Legacy Media, if they don't report it, it didn't happen. What they fail to report is often more important than what they have...and often spun.

That is the number one thing that irks me about Newspapers, their lack of depth and breadth when covering issues.

In this particular case, how much of an effort is required to state your position?

I hope Richard was there to record the event. I was chasing some VC Funding in Franklin for a project I am working on, and the meeting times conflicted. If I can succeed, you'll see what little I have done multiplied a hundred-fold when reporting local news.

The North Shore Road is something I have been interested in for over twenty five years.

I am against a settlement.

Taking money, in my opinion, is settling for shiny beads that will quickly dull, when the original road would be an source of economic input far beyond the time that the Federal Blood Money had run out.

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