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Candidate Called ‘Too Principled’

~Mumpower for Congress Committee~

Press Release

Thursday, April 3, 2008

At a recent meeting of the Hendersonville County Republican Men’s Club, a member was heard chiding 11th District Republican Candidate for being ‘too principled’. Mumpower, in turn, offered, “I am a bit surprised that a man of evident character would speak against being principled, but I noted it as one of the strongest compliments he could have possibly offered.”

“We live in a culture where the selective application of values has become the norm – we even seem to expect it from our politicians,” said Mumpower. “On one hand we lament the lack of integrity in Congress, and on the other hand we view principled people as weak, impractical, and rigid.” “I’m willing to take the criticism for having principles that I stick by – I’ll leave the spin and pandering to other politicians who have practiced skill in manipulating voters. Scott Peck acclaimed author of The Road Less Traveled, used a phrase, ‘People of the Lie’, to describe our culture’s drift toward selective ethics.”

“I don’t expect everyone to agree with my values – fairness, a concern for others, and aiming, however imperfectly, for the right thing lead the way – but I am surprised at how many good people will encourage me to lay those values aside for practical or self-serving considerations.” “I intend to win or lose this election standing upright and be absolutely rigid in assuming a principled position – those looking for a chameleon should invest their vote elsewhere. If I cannot stand strong with supporters in WNC, then I certainly will not be able to stand strong in Washington.


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