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The Action Club April 2008 Meeting

Richard Berner has knocked another one out of the park with his production of this month's Action Club meeting for his URTV program, Sound Off Buncombe.

Thanks TP for posting this video. Kathy R. now has a camcorder & not to far in the distance Kathy will be up & running soon.

I look fwr to seeing you Sat at the Dist Conv for WNC.

I want to learn more about live streaming.



This video has been mailed out to almost 300 contacts & media.

Maybe an ideal that we need to speek about in referance to live streaming.


Thank you for recording and editing the program.

Anyone can livestream, and I look forward to show casing the capability to you and anyone who will listen.

I think that I can have everything in place that I have discussed with you and others in WNC Conservatives soon, and it will blow everyone's minds!

Feel free to put the word out about the livestream. It really doesn't matter where you send them, because I will be embedding the player on most of my websites, and anyone who has a website can feel free to embed it as well...if they don't know how to do that...just drop me a line in the comments or email me at wnccb AT yahoo DOT com. Don't forget to put webcast embed in the subject line so I won't miss it. If you know my personal email...just go ahead and send it there.

My posting has been light because I have been working on some pre-production for the show.

If you know where I can get hold of a good USB-powered microphone, call me.

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