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NC-11 GOP Candidates in Macon County
Discuss Iraq, National Security and FISA

This was perhaps the question that revealed the sharpest differences of opinion among the three candidates seeking to face Heath Shuler in the NC-11 US House Race this fall.


I would ask that the viewers of this clip know that this is John hometown area & his only straw poll win.

Spence Cambell has won one straw poll - again his home county.

Todate, I belive Carl Mumpower has won six & loss two.

Mumpower is the only canidate to win outside his home county. Todate, this would provide insight of a person who can win in Nov against Shular.

Richard Bernier

This is also the first straw poll, I believe, since Mumpower came out in opposition to FISA re-authorization. Armor said in a press release over the weekend that he convinced a number of people who were supporting Mumpower to change their support to him after the FISA contrast was discussed.

It will be interesting to see what the next straw poll result will be. I am afraid that Mumpower would be unable to win in November because he's to the left of Shuler on some areas of national security.

Whatever the case, I do hope the nominee beats Shuler. He has to be stopped or I fear he'll be built up by the Dems to face Burr for the Senate seat in 2010.


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