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Erosion Concerns

Here is a video taken in Weaverville by FBRiverkeeper, followed by the description written by him/her:

This site is dumping sediment into an unnamed tributary that flows into Lake Louise, a popular recreation area in Weaverville

This is a clear turbidity violation and a violation of erosion control measures, becuase the site has not been maintained. Sediment is the largest polluter in the French Broad Watershed and the vast majority flow off new construction sites. Recent improvements have only margainly helped the problem.

And, you can watch a very short one on the Wal Mart in Weaverville.
Source: RBRiverkeeper


Every construction site I have ever worked at had the same kind of run off turbidity, so I can't speak to that, although my employer at several of the jobs said it was okay. I trust his statement because he made us do a lot of stuff to preserve the environment that I thought was going way over board. He wouldn't allow machinery to be operated on a lot of slopes, and sent in work crews to do the clearing off by hand.

Anyhow, finding this video gives me an excellent opportunity to show off a video I made on the 4th when we had some heavy downpours come through:

This was taken on Scott's Creek in Dillsboro, NC just before it empties into the Tuckaseegee River.

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