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Voices: Partisan Versus Non-partisan Elections for Asheville City Council

Voice # 1 Charlie Hume

Letters to the Editor
A reminder to vote from Let Asheville Vote
by Charlie Hume, Asheville
published October 22, 2007 12:15 am
Original Article is here. (will disappear from AC-T after two weeks)

As an organizer and spokesperson for Let Asheville Vote, I would like to state that a conscious effort was made by volunteers during the petition drive to behave in a professional manner, and many of us strived to offer respectful criticism of City Council’s decision without engaging in personal attacks.

As we approach Election Day on Nov. 6, Let Asheville Vote would like to encourage those in the community who have strong feelings on the issue of partisan elections to take the high road when campaigning, distributing political literature and participating in public discussions.

Asheville voters would benefit most by having political groups and campaigns focus on a candidate’s position rather than engage in the mudslinging that can sometimes result from polarizing issues such as partisan elections.

As a reminder, Let Asheville Vote is not endorsing any candidates or working with any PACs. Our sole goal is to encourage voters to educate themselves on the upcoming referendum and to vote. Your vote does make a difference.

Finally, when voting on the referendum please remember that, NO = Nonpartisan and YES = Partisan.

Charlie Hume, Asheville

Voice #2 Tim Peck

Voice #3 Robin Cape, Asheville City Council

Voice #4 Matt Mittan, WWNC-AM Radio Host


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