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Carolina Stompers Take On Sexual Discrimination Bill

Fasten your seat belts people, this one could get a little rough!

From the Carolina Stompers website:

What people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business.
But to push your sex life on others is wrong. Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender groups like Equality NC and Faith in America are doing just that. Their sales pitch is civil rights. Slavery, segregation, and denying women the right to vote was wrong and Americans have come
a long way since those days. But is the way you have sex a civil right?

Six months ago my wife and I sent an e-mail to my step father,
Democrat NC Senator Martin Nesbitt. We asked why he is sponsoring
Senate Bill 1534: Non-Discrimination in State Employment
This bill would protect state workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

"Gender identity or expression." What does that mean? That means Martin Nesbitt is sponsoring a bill that would allow transsexuals or transvestites to teach his grandchildren and your children in drag in the public school classrooms. Teachers are state employees and in an area where weird homosexual castrations and the gay lifestyle is on the rise, this will happen if this bill is passed and there is nothing you or there employer can do about it.

Source: Carolina Stompers
Senate Bill 1534 [Text] [PDF]
House Bill 1788 [Text] [PDF]
House Bill 1789 [Text] [PDF]
An eagle-eyed reader spotted the error in the General Assembly Page, and shot me an email with a correction.Many Thanks!!! [TP 2.38pm 2007/11/12]

Senate Primary Sponsors: Paul Luebke; Larry Womble;

Senate Cosponsors: Adams; Alexander; Carney; Coleman; Cotham; Cunningham; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Glazier; Goodwin; Hall; T. Harrell; Harrison; Insko; Jones; Martin; Mobley; Pierce; Ross; Wainwright; Weiss; Wray;

The sponsor list has also been modified to reflect the changes. [TP 2.55pm]

House Primary Sponsor: Alma Adams

House Cosponsors: Bill Faison; Mary E. McAllister; Garland E. Pierce

You've read what the Stompers have had to say, now what does the other side say?

From the Equality North Carolina Website:

This bill would protect state employees from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, broadly defined to include gender identity or expression. It amends the State Personnel Act by adding sexual orientation to the list of protected classes for discrimination in hiring; denial of promotion, transfer or training; retaliatory demotion, reduction in force or termination; and harassment. Equality NC secured introduction of this bill by Sen. Charlie Albertson (D-Duplin) and 19 co-sponsors. This is the largest list of senators sponsoring pro-LGBT legislation in North Carolina history.

Source: Equality North Carolina

Susan Fisher August 2007

About ENC:

Equality North Carolina is a statewide advocacy organization that works to secure equal rights and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender North Carolinians.

What we do
Equality North Carolina is your voice for equal rights and justice in state government.

Like the Carolina Stompers, I have a problem with the phrase "
This bill would protect state employees from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, broadly defined to include gender identity or expression."

So, this bill, if passed, could result in your children being taught by someone in in drag because of the "civil right" of sexual expression. Tell me this isn't so.

The U.S. Supreme Court has laid down three requirements for a group to receive protected status:

  1. a shared immutable characteristic;
  2. economic deprivation; and
  3. a history of political powerlessness.
I think we can all agree that the subjects of this legislation do not share these characteristics.

More details: Special Rights for Homosexuals

This is all part of a Progressive Agenda that includes dividing people based upon a Group Identity Politics, that threatens to undermine the very things America was founded upon.

Don't let this happen. Call your state representative and ask that they not support the creation of a new special class of separate, but equal people.

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