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North Carolinians To Pay $125 Million For Electricity :
In Other States?

S.B. 3 started as a measure to mandate that utility companies generate at least 7.5 percent of their energy from renewable energy sources, while also increasing energy efficiency measures. Much debate about the bill focused on later provisions that affected utility companies’ ability to recover construction costs.

The debate ignored a “slight catch,” Bakst said. “A bill that would require utilities to provide customers at least 7.5 percent of their electricity through renewable resources does not require that all the customers have to live in North Carolina.”

S.B. 3 allows utilities to meet about 40 percent of the renewable energy requirement by purchasing “renewable energy certificates” from out-of-state facilities, Bakst said. “These certificates are designed to allow for investments in renewable energy when electricity from renewable sources is not available inside the state,” he said. “The electricity that is purchased through these certificates likely will never reach North Carolinians.”

North Carolina will need these certificates because the state does not have much potential for generating renewable energy in state, Bakst said. “Southeastern states like North Carolina face extensive physical limitations on renewable energy,” he said. “For example, North Carolina does not have the same type of wind resources as many other states. The N.C. Utilities Commission’s own renewable energy consultant told the legislature it should pursue a target of requiring 5 percent renewable energy use, not 7.5 percent.”

Source: John Locke Foundation
Hat Tip: Bill

Be sure you read the article I've pointed to, and the other articles related to this "Pork-Barrel Export Project."

So, the North Carolina Taxpayer will be paying for economic development in other states now? Instead of focusing on developing renewable sources of energy here, the North Carolina Legislature (and maybe Governor Easley), the Utility Companies, and Envirowhackos prefer to do it out of state?


How dare you deprive our neighboring states subsidized electricity!

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