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Electoral College part of checks, balances

Electoral College part of checks, balances

by Dr. Joe L. Morgan, Guest commentary
published August 21, 2007 12:15 am

The Electoral College is not an anachronism but is instead one of the vital checks and balances created by the Founding Fathers to ensure the preservation of liberty. The framers of our Constitution understood that in matters of human government the simplest solution is not necessarily the one most compatible with the preservation of free institutions.

It is hardly surprising that the calls to abolish the Electoral College system are heard most loudly among the liberal elites concentrated largely on the two coasts. A glance at USA Today following the November 2000 election illustrates why this is true — and why Americans who seek to restore limited government must work to keep the Electoral College.

A color-coded map published by the newspaper offers a breakdown of the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election by counties: the blue ones (677 total) were carried by Al Gore, the red ones (2,434) by George Bush.

The Gore vote painted a bi-coastal fringe of blue, with occasional flecks scattered across the Midwest and several clusters that are found in states with high rates of illegal immigration and large populations of thinly assimilated immigrants.

The Bush vote dominated the Western states, the South and the Midwest. In rural America, where the productive, law-abiding citizenry seeks refuge, the voters almost unanimously supported Bush against the Clinton legacy. Urban America, which teams with constituencies that are dependent upon transfers of government-acquired wealth, voted for Gore.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times Guest Commentary

Map Courtesy Geoff Metcalf

What can I add?

Get in contact with your state legislators and your congress critters and let them know that altering the US Constitution in this matter is unacceptable.

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