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Elaine Lite Fails in Balcony Fight
Free Market Wins

ASHEVILLE — A move by a City Council candidate to block the building of balconies over a public sidewalk failed Tuesday night.

The council voted 6-1 to give redevelopers of the former downtown First Union building the right to build balconies over sidewalks for $5,000. Mayor Terry Bellamy voted no.

Council candidate and environmental activist Elaine Lite said she wanted to stop the balconies because they harm sidewalk trees and to protest what she saw as Asheville selling public “air space” for less than it is worth.

City officials though said they are following the law by stopping a bidding process and awarding the rights to Urban Capital LLC.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times


Here is a paragraph from her website:

As a mother and as a citizen of the world, I believe we must make decisions with the future in mind. Our local government can lead the way in creating sustainable systems that build community and preserve and restore our environment.

Elaine Lite's Campaign Website

When you hear someone say they are a "citizen of the world," know this person is an anti-American globalist, and when you hear "sustainable," think Communist, and when that person wants to use the government to do it...know that you have someone who loves to create more regulation to oppress liberty.

Looks like this candidate for Asheville City Council is even further out there than the Gang of Four in her kooky ideas!!!

This campaign season is going to one to remember, methinks.

Your title is exactly the opposite of the truth. Elaine Lite used the Free Market, but City Council denied her the right to do so.

She made a higher bid than the developer for the "air rights" around the building. Council decided to accept less money rather than accept Lite's bid.

Free Market? Surely you jest! So now you tell me her Civil Rights were violated? I'd like to see that case in court!!!

The balconies will increase the value of the properties, and Elaine Lite's "public air space" does not contribute to the Market.
Asheville would benefit from more balconies, even balconies for second, third or fourth floor cafes.
Balconies increase livable space, and commercial space, and add to the Free Market.

Elaine Lite's attempted purchase of the "publc air space" limits the exchange of capital, limits the creation of jobs, and serves only the cause of Watermelon Environmentalism, an avowed Enemy of the Free Market of Capitalism.

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