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Congressman Shuler's Chief of Staff:
"I have no problem with taxes. Bring 'em on!"

While the following incident probably won’t make its way into Roll Call’s next installment of Heard on the Hill, it is certainly newsworthy – especially if you reside in North Carolina’s 11th district.
Amidst a happy hour last night at a well known Capitol Hill establishment that serves as a popular after-work destination for Hill staffers, a patron confidently boasts “taxes, taxes, taxes,
I have no problem with more taxes, bring ‘em on.” While this
sentiment is prevalent amongst the Democrat majority in congress, it may be of interest to voters in North Carolina’s 11th
district that this proclamation came from the mouth of none other than Congressman Heath Shuler’s Chief of Staff.

Source: Friends of ATR
Hat Tip: Bill


So much for fiscal conservatism, eh? I'm currently working on a monster post detailing the freshman congressman's voting record, and should have it up in a couple of weeks as a multi-part series.

If ya wanna call and ask about this:

District Office: 202-225-6401

Local Office: 828-252-1651


Oh, TP. I'm not sure what's more dangerous - running with scissors, or running with an unsubstantiated single-sourced Internet rumor. Next thing we know you're going to be telling us about this really awesome money-making scheme that you're getting into with some Nigerian dude.

No, really, the guy from ATR could have at least looked on Legistorm to find Hayden Rogers' name beforehand. To make it look more believable.

Looking forward to your take on Shuler's voting record.

Ad Hominem attacks aside, one of them was likkered up (maybe both) enough to lose their situational awareness.

The Legistorm supposition is pure speculation...grasping at straws...it would be more believable to suppose the guy was doing a hit piece.

The Voting Record has been a bear due to conflicting data records, and I want to get it correct enough to where either side could point to the data to support their case.

Posting an internet rumor like this as fact is bad form, TP. You know I give Shuler a fair share of grief, but no one deserves attacks based on single-source hearsay.


I have helped put a significant number of people in prison based on single-sourced "hearsay" at the beginning of an investigation.

Personally, I put it in the "possible" column, not ruled in, nor ruled out as yet.
This is my way of putting on the record, kind of like some of the Taylor allegations that never held up.

Welcome to the political world, Screwy!

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