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Asheville's Amsterdam Problem

I read about another episode where Asheville City Councilman Dr. Carl Mumpower has confronted Asheville's acceptance of open-air drug use, as well as marketing efforts. Earlier this year, there was a bru-ha-ha regarding opean-air drug markets in the projects, or Public Housing areas. Some police and council members thought he was interfering with police work.

Here again, he is exposing the drug trade in a public area, and in another facility paid for with tax dollars. A snippet:

Councilman Carl

Mumpower spent 15 minutes at the concert, where he said he confronted a “surreal” scene that included a man threatening a urinal, another man in the same bathroom buying pills and marijuana being smoked around the auditorium. “A 1,700-member drug party, to me, in a tax-supported facility is not a good thing,” he said.

Mumpower said Asheville Civic Center staff members had approached him with their concerns. He decided police and security aren’t doing enough to shut down the party.

What are the differences between the police response at this event, and their hesitance to act on tips in the Public Housing Project? I think Political Correctness migtht have something to do with it.

Another, funny snippet:

Chief Bill Hogan said police, including the off-duty officers paid by the Civic Center, make a special effort to crack down during concerts by bands infamous for attracting drug users. They do most of their work outside the auditorium, he said.

“When you get the crowd bunched up, and the lights go down and the performance begins, it’s hard to move in the crowd,” Hogan said.

Among the suspects police arrested was Robert Jeremiah Lairy, 29. He was charged with three counts of trafficking in LSD, a drug Hogan said is unusual in Asheville except at concerts.

I suppose Chief Hogan is blissfully unaware that most of the acid for western North Carolina comes through Asheville.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

Hat Tip: western guy

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