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— Photographer Joe Rosenthal, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his immortal image of six World War II servicemen raising an American flag over battle-scarred Iwo Jima, died Sunday. He was 94.
Rosenthal died of natural causes at an assisted living facility in the San Francisco suburb of Novato, said his daughter, Anne Rosenthal.
"He was a good and honest man, he had real integrity," Anne Rosenthal said.
His photo, taken for the Associated Press on Feb. 23, 1945, became the model for the Iwo Jima Memorial near Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The memorial, dedicated in 1954 and known officially as the Marine Corps War Memorial, commemorates the Marines who died taking the Pacific island in World War II.

The complete article....

The original photo

Doctored photo at a Pro-Illegal Immigration Website.

I'm sure that if The Action Club put up a Billboard with the revised photo on it, they would be called racist, or divisive. The people who support Illegal Aliens coming, and staying, in our country do not want dialogue that is logical. They want dialogue that is emotional and shuts down any and all opposing viewpoints.
The sooner we realize this, the better.

250 years ago my family was stealing horses after "sneaking" into America. They did it for a good while, made good in later generations and now make up the part of the fabric of our modern cultural landscape.

Just saying.

Here is something you should read. It contains the underlying principles by which the far left operates, and why some of us have decided, "Over Our Dead Bodies."

Now, my response to your comment:

Some of mine came by ship, others presumably walked in from the other way around. No one is native to any area, save perhaps somewere in SW Asia or NE Africa.
Point being, now we have no where to go, save to the oceans or space (my choice!). I think the continents have the ability to absorb perhaps 20 to 30 billion total, more, given technological advances.

The problem with the current migration, some of us have chosen to stand and fight. I would prefer we took down the government in Mexico, and help our southern friends establish their own version of The United Staes down there, complete with real capitalism and a republic they can be proud of and have a much better standard of living than they do now, so they won't have to come here.

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