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I ran a test to see what would happen if I invited people to join the WNC Citizens Blog. I invited my alter ego, who runs Thunder Pig, and it worked!

So, for those involved in the eminent domain fight, this is an open invite to join and post your own updates. I'm going to take the liberty of inviting Don, since I already know he's involved in the Weaverville resolution.

Just send me an e-mail to wnccb@yahoo.com with your e-mail address so I can invite you to join.

1. When you accept, just click on the link and follow the instructions.

2. If you don't have blogger account, you will be asked to create one.

3. Be ready to provide a user name with no spaces to log on with, and a password.

4. If you have any problems, lemme know at the above address, or in the comments section of the newsest post.

When you post you will choose a title for your post, and a font, and a size of your letters,
the default is this size, called normal,
and large is this size,
and tiny looks like this....ugggh! Maybe you could use this for quotes or when you simulate whispering!
I like to use small, which looks like this,
Huge looks like this, which represents shouting at the top of your lungs and takes up a lot of space, so should be used to indicate extreme excitement
Okay, you get the point.

Don't be shy about letting me know what is going on in your community across West Carolina. Seeting up your own blog is also easy, and let me know what its URL is, and I'll link to it and post on it here, and invite you to post here when you have updates.

And always try to sign the bottom of your post. ( I know, I forget sometimes, too!)

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